Kids Can

I Can is a tale of personal empowerment that reminds us all to encourage our children to use their imagination so they can find the courage to express themselves in ways that never fail to impress and inspire us.

Let us empower our youth to discover the “I Can” in them by building confidence, nurturing creativity and encouraging collaboration.

I can, you can we all can, too!

You can do anything you set out to do

Believe in yourself,

Your dreams will come true

I can, you can we all can, too!

أنا قادر … أنت قادر … نحن قادرون

ما في صعب ومستحيل

بالعزيمة نشد الحيل

بالتمكين وبالإيمان

حقق حلمك يا انسان

انا قادر … انت قادر … نحن قادرون

Through our I Can educational program, we seek to promote health and wellbeing awareness. By building confidence, creativity and collaboration, our children can fulfill their dreams and make a difference to themselves, to each other and to their communities and natural environment.

Together we can make a difference Theme Song


By accepting our realities and assuming our responsibilities, we can begin to see ourselves as part of a larger community. Each one of us can play a significant part by transforming our thoughts and attitudes into acts of loving kindness and understanding.

With each loving act we will discover the joy in our lives and grow to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. By reaching out and letting go of our fear, anger, and judgment, we will be free to live in peace and harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the world around us.